Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'Dan got engaged, John had a second daughter & we started our First Gallery - when it rains it pours!


The Cesere family has had a wild and exciting six months!  

The biggest news is that Dan got engaged to his long time girlfriend Sammi.  The whole engagement was one of the coolest I've ever seen and it totally caught Sammi by surprise.   Dan really went all out to make it memorable and movie like and Gwen and I got to help with the details.

The whole proposal happened around Christmas time so Dan decided to do a "12 days of Christmas" theme, except all in one day.  So he had a mix of presents and fun events planned to keep them busy for a whole day.  The culmination of an amazing day found the two on a favorite bluff near Hookipa beach park where they could watch sunset.  While they came to this spot often, this night was a little different.  Dan had arranged for Gwen and I to get there early and find a secluded spot on the cliff where we could set up a candle lit dinner table complete with flowers and music.  It was very romantic and Sammi never expected the proposal.  It was a special evening that they will never forget!

Little Rae Rae
Gwen and I had our second daughter,  Rae Ella Cesere was born on March 22, 2014.  She is very healthy and so is her mom!  Parker loves her to death, it's so cute to watch.  She calls her "my baby" all the time, she's a great big sister already. 

I'm a big fan of the funny face pics.  This one of Rae is from a few weeks ago when she just started to show her personality.  It's official, she's a Cesere!

Parker loves her sister Rae!

Our Happy Gang

It's an amazing time in our little family.  It's also amazing at how well your body adapts to almost no sleep!  Uncle Dan has really been picking up the slack lately. It's also pretty lucky that we have Nana Cesere around too, we'd be lost without them both. 

The biggest news for the business is that we opened our first gallery!  Dan and I decided a little over a year ago to start looking for a space that would work for us.  We almost opened a space on front street, but in the end we fell in love with a spot in Paia town.  We couldn't be happier. 
Paia is an awesome town with so many great restaurants and just a great mellow feel.  It's perfect for us and our new shop!  Next time you're visiting Maui make sure you take some time to swing by the new place!

You should see some of the work Dan put into the place.  He made a table and a bar/counter top that look amazing.  He also distressed some wood for some extra wall texture, it makes the place feel almost like a fancy ski lodge.  Maybe that's just some New Hampshire/Vermont memories sneaking back in.  Either way, it looks pretty cool and you should definitely stop by.

Another exciting thing is that we also just upgraded our website.  We included a new section for the new gallery, but our favorite new section is for the "Featured Customer Photo."  Which is going to be a section all about you and what our work looks like on your walls.  We've posted a few already, so send us your images and join the wall.



The new site also has a section for diving with us.  So we're really going to try and get some trips going again.  Although, I'm sure adding the new gallery will keep us from leaving in the next few months.  Big dive trips need more time to plan anyway, especially since you'll need to clear up some time at work so that you can come with us.  So send an email letting us know where you would like us to take you or where you think we should go.

Thanks for reading.  We look forward to hearing from  you or seeing you again soon!

Aloha - John

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