Friday, June 25, 2010

New Boat!

Aloha to all.

Thanks for reading and supporting C3 Submerged!

Things are going great out here on Maui.  It seems like the universe wants us to succeed.  Every time we get a bit worried about the next round of bills, we have a great couple of sales an art show or on our website.  So again, thank you to all of our supporters.

Two of our newest images, "Turtle Vacation" and "Maui Keiki," seem to be instant successes.  It makes us feel like we're on the right track still.  We have some new landscape type images coming out soon too, we'll send an email to you all so that you can see them.  We're very excited about a couple of them, but I don't want to give away too many details just yet.  Remember to join our mailing list if you would like to receive our emails.

We spent about a week this past month helping shoot a TV show for children with Coldwater Media, a company out of Colorado.  We had a blast getting to know the crew and learning some new tricks.  Each time we shoot with a new crew we learn more and more and it gets us closer to putting together our own little show.  This TV show was a nature show for children and it had a large Christian angle that was very interesting to be around.  The host, Peter Schreimer, has done a couple of shows already so it was cool to watch him work in front of the camera.  He memorized his lines very quickly and could get the right shot in just a few takes.  The crew was small but very efficient.  Tom Small and Jim Fitzgerald of Coldwater Media really had there stuff together.  Tom was a great cameraman/editor with a lot of innovative ideas.  We really hope that we get to work with these guys again soon, as they do a lot of interesting work.  If you're curious, check out "Drive Through History."  It's a program Jim wrote and Tom shot, it's very well done and pretty cool too.

The most exciting news is that we got a boat given to us.  It's a great old Avon rubber inflatable with a little Seagul motor.  It needs a bit of work, but we're excited about having a boat to play with.  It probably isn't large enough to cross channels to the other islands but it's small enough that we can deflate it and stick it on the inter-island ferry's and planes then inflate again and go on adventures.  No one will want to go with us on the boat and we probably don't have room anyways, but it should be a lot of fun for us. (If we can fix the leaks.)

Our Boat came complete with a 1HP engine and a storage box.  We were told that we could even bring the boat on vacation with us next time we went traveling, how cool would that be?  Hopefully we'll have some cool adventures to share with you soon.  For now check out our first video with our boat:

Our First Boat from C3 Submerged on Vimeo.

We're hoping that this boat will be the first of many and a great first one to look back at someday.  

Aloha and Mahalo,