Friday, October 29, 2010

Two in one day!

Good Morning,

It's another beautiful morning on Maui!  I just took Mango for a walk and enjoyed watching the Zip Line tours get ready for a day of business.  Our neighbor passed us on the trail as she was heading up to feed her horses on her four wheeler, it makes me want to grab Dan and go for a Dirt Bike ride today.  Especially since we just had a few days of rain on the hills so there would be a ton of mud, which makes riding a lot of fun.

So I just sat down to write a blog because I know it has been a while since we last wrote one.  When I logged in I noticed that we had written a blog a couple of weeks ago and never posted it, so I just posted it. But because it was written a few weeks ago, I have to update some info...

Our cousin Amy's wedding was Awesome!  It was great to see a bunch of our family fly out from the east coast.  Most of you probably don't know this but my mom has a sister who has three daughters that are the same age as the three of us.  It was pretty cool growing up along side them, we always had buddies to hang out with at family gatherings and beach days.  Although the girls tell us now that we were a bit rough when we were younger, forcing them to swim, fish and do boy stuff all the time.  Oh well...  It was a lot of fun to hang out with them and dance the night away after the wedding.  All the girls looked amazing, especially Amy,) and it was truly a night to remember.  (Jarett looked good too, in case he's reading this.)

A big surprise coming from wedding week was that our Mom decided to move back out here to Maui with us for a couple of months.  It is always pretty awesome to hang out with Mom and we are a pretty lucky family that we all get along well enough to live together as adults.  I should be pretty thankful that Gwen is so understanding when it comes to all of this too!  Luckily we had an extra bedroom in the house that would could turn into Mom's room.  So far she's painting and getting used to walking big Mango.  She's a really good painter, I'll have to take some pictures of her work and post them some time...

Here's the really awesome news:  we got a new TV for FREE!  A couple of friends of ours were moving to a new house and were tired of their old TV that wasn't HD.  So they gave it to us, it's a huge 60 incher!  Perfect for our house, Dan already set up Mario Kart and we've had movie night several times.  It's pretty awesome.  Even Mom and Gwen are impressed with the lifelike size of the football players on sunday.

We might be heading to Indo again on a job, which would be cool.  Although there was just a huge earthquake/tsunami and I think there was even a volcano eruption?  So that might slow those plans down. But Indonesia is huge, i think all the bad stuff is over 1000 miles from where we were heading, so we can still hope.  It would be a lot of fun to get back underwater over there, it's beautiful.  If we do go, I hope we'll have some new pictures to share from the trip.  It is mostly a video shoot, but I'm sure we'll find some time to take a few shots!

Dan is in the kitchen trying to grow an Avocado tree in a glass, i'll keep you posted...

Gwen and Mango say hello too.

I'll talk to you soon.


Where does time go?

Aloha to all...

Seriously, where does the time go?  It's been a few months since we sat down to write, post a video clip or even chat on Facebook.  We're sitting here trying to think of what has been happening to keep us so busy?  Wow, we also just noticed that our first blog entry was September 23rd of last year!  Can you believe a whole year has gone bye?

Well it was summer, and summertime is always the busiest time of year here on Maui.  July and August is always a good time to catch up with old dive buddies and art collectors passing through.  We had a pretty successful summer season and we're happy to say we're still in business!

September isn't always as easy.  It's typically the slowest month for island visitors and it's truly the slowest month for art sales.  The good news is that the slower times gives us some more time to work on other projects and even to go out and shoot some more.  Plus we had a lot more friends visiting, which makes us wish we had a place to dive with old dive buddies.  Hawaiian Rafting seems like the company to deal with, so steer your diving in that direction and we can work together on diving in the future.

We got a visit from an old friend who works with a big company over in LA.  Last year we helped shoot some footage for some of his projects that can be seen around the world on the sides of skyscrapers!  No joke, one project has over 3 million LCD screens linked together on the outside of a few huge buildings.  It's amazing work.  Here is the link to a project in Macau, near Hong Kong, that had some underwater footage we helped with, see what you think:

City of Dreams - Macau from StandardVision on Vimeo.

We love working with these guys, it's just such amazing technology.  They have some new projects coming up that might involve some traveling and some cool new camera's.  We'll see what happens, but it's always very exciting.

We have a couple of our own new ventures on the horizon that we are excited about!  We met the owner of a company that sells artwork to high end hotels and he fell in love with our work and wanted us to become part of his team, so we did.  We're still putting the whole thing together, but it looks like it might be a promising venture down the road. You never know, you might see some of our work in hotels around the world someday.  We had to go through a million of our old photo's to find some that we were willing to share in an unlimited fashion.  So none of the photo's that you've seen before will be released, but a bunch of others that no one has seen.  We printed a few this last weekend to share under the Banyan Tree, simply because we wanted to see if people would like them.

The hardest part about our job is picking out new images to print?  You think that would be easy, but there have been so many times that we fall in love with a new shot and then we get it printed and no one likes it. Or we'll print one that we're not sure about, or maybe we don't even really like it that much, and everyone loves it?  We haven't been able to figure out why either scenario happens?  It's pretty strange.  Probably the best example is our best selling photo "Stuck in the Middle."  We spent probably a half hour trying to take a picture of a transparent shrimp that was so awesome, we thought..  All the while this little clown fish kept nipping at our fingers and bumping into the camera and out of simple annoyance we snapped a couple quick pictures...  It's strange how it all works out.

We've mentioned this before, but we're always trying to work on something for TV.  We shoot footage from time to time or sell some of our stock clips, but someday we'd like to do something more permanent.  Who knows if it will ever happen, it's a tough business to get into, but it seems we've made a bit more progress in the last month or so.  We'll obviously update when we can, we're pretty stoked about it.  We've learned the term "Tempered Optimism," that is how we've been advised to feel as we go through the process, haha...

There is also some talk of a gallery in California?  It's still pretty new and in the works, but that could be cool.  The Keiki Kohola Project, the team we do whale research with, is hoping to help get us into some local galleries to help us both raise money for future endeavors.  It's exciting because we have made lots of freinds in California, it would be cool to visit and do some diving over there.  We're hoping to do more traveling soon, hopefully you all can meet up with us when we swing through your neck of the woods.

We have a bunch of fun things coming up in the next two months too.  Our cousin Amy, who lives out here with us, is getting married in a week and half!  Another cousin, Coreen,  is coming out to stay with us for the wedding, which is going to be great.  She's a bit younger than us, so it will be fun to get to know her better during the next couple of weeks.

Then in November we have another wedding to go to on the Big Island.  That will be a blast too, especially if we can get some diving in while we're there or maybe even some trips to the lava flow?  But, as many of you probably already know, they don't call it the "Big Island" for nothing.  It will take us 4-5 hours to drive from one side to the other to see the lava, so we'll see.

Have we mentioned how big Mango is now?  She's gotta be full grown at about 85 lbs.  She loves the water more than anything now, we can't go anywhere without her trying to swim in anything water, puddles, sprinklers, drink bowls, streams, reservoirs, showers and obviously the ocean.  Gwen tried to take her to our roller hockey game the other night and she spent most of her time in the water with Mango.  I should mention that the roller hockey rink is right next to the water in Kihei, it's really amazing.  If any of our old friends from New England are reading this, you gotta see this rink.  It's on the beach!  t's very cool, we play at night under the lights on sundays.  We're still trying to get used to roller hockey versus ice hockey, but we're having a blast.  Mike is flying out for Amy's wedding and he's bringing roller blades so that he can come play with us, it's going to be a lot of fun.  The Maui Inline Hockey Association is pretty cool, anyone who lives here on Maui and plays hockey or wants to learn should really come by.  Or if you just want to watch and check out the rink at night, games are sunday nights from 7-9 and advanced pickup hockey is tuesday nights from 8-10.  It's really fun!

Oooh, we almost forgot.  We got to spend a day out on Hula Girl, which is a huge catamaran that can be private chartered.  It is probably the nicest boat on Maui, maybe in Hawaii.  It was an amazing way to spend a sunday on the ocean complete with a full kitchen and dive compressor.  Some day we should get a bunch of people together and take that boat to Molokai to do some hammer head diving, imagine sitting at a beautiful table with a gourmet lunch on your surface interval?  That would be cool.  Someday we'll have one that travels around the world and you can all come visit too!

Well, that's all for now.  Hopefully we'll be better at writing more often.  Thanks to all those who read and to all those who stay in touch.

We'll be sending out a new email to all of our friends, family, art collectors and dive buddies soon, so if you're not on our mailing list and you want to be sign up soon!


 Talk Soon...