Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Getting you up to Speed

Wow, I had a friend ask me yesterday when was the last time I wrote a blog and I said it was just a few months ago... I had no idea it had been almost 2 years!

It makes sense though, so much has happened that it feels like just yesterday when I was writing about Dan getting engaged to Sammi.

Paia Gallery

We had also just opened our Paia gallery 10 days before the last post, which means that yesterday was our 2 year anniversary in Paia! Wow

There have been a few family changes too:

Dan & Sammi's Wedding

Dan and Sammi had a beautiful wedding and we all had a blast celebrating with them. Actually, their 1 year anniversary is May 15th! I guess I'll have to give Dan the day off... :)

 Mike & Jamie add 2

A few months after the wedding middle brother Mike and his wife Jamie had twin twin girls! Elle Kathleen and Harper Jud were born on July 15th about 3 months after big brother Jackson turned 2!

 John & Gwen add 1

Gwen and I welcomed our 3rd beautiful daughter, Mattie Reese on September 3rd. She's 8 months old now and about to crawl, amazing.

Dan & Sammi add their 1st

Then, on April 11th, Dan and Sammi welcomed Kenna Lou to their family. She's actually 1 month old today! She's so adorable and Dan and Sammi are awesome parents. It's fun to watch.

Kenna Lou is just a few days old
Kenna Lou is 1 Month Today!

Our mom went from 0 to 7 grand kids in 3 years and 6 are girls! Mike and I are crazy busy having so many young kids at the same time, we're hoping that the early sleepless years will be worth it when we have kids all around the same age. The question we all ask now is how many more and how fast Sammi and Dan will add more girls the family!

Cesere Brothers Adventures:


First we got to spend some time shooting at Jaws or Peahi as it's called here on Maui. We lucked out and had the biggest swell in 20 years! We spent some time in helicopters and on jet skis to try and get the shot for a collector who really wanted a large wave shot!

Mt. Peahi

Maui Avalanche


Our most recent adventure was to the Bahamas where we got to help shoot an episode of Awesome Planet with Philippe Cousteau. It was a lot of fun and we had plenty of time to shoot some interesting images for ourselves:



Hammer Time
Can't Touch This
What's Next:

We're headed to the Galapagos in July and can't wait to post some more trip info. I actually think we're going to shift the blog to more of a travel blog that we take more advantage of when we're on the road. So stay tuned..

That being said, it's also time to start thinking about our next trip. Where should we go? Who wants to come? Let us know!