Thursday, May 5, 2011

The last six months...


Here we go again starting a blog with an apology for not writing more often?  I think I'll stop promising to write more often, maybe that will be like reverse psychology and help me out.  We'll see.

So today we're actually in the middle of a small rain storm.  The power has gone out twice and it's been windy for about two days.  After I finish this Dan and I have to go on the roof and fix a tarp that blew loose, it usually keeps the rain and sun off of some of our outside gear.  Anyways, it's the perfect day to sit inside and work on the computer!

We just finished submitting a press release to a bunch of news papers talking about our new Underwater, Underwater Photography Gallery experience at the Ritz Carlton here in Kapalua last weekend.  It was pretty cool.  We actually had some of our images printed on Aluminum sheets about five feet wide and then we  made special stands so that we could mount them underwater in the pool.  It was so much fun.

As far as we can tell, we're the first people to have a true underwater photo gallery underwater!  We did find one guy who set up a bunch of underwater sculptures underwater, but that's it.  So maybe we're the first for real, anyway it was a lot of fun.

Those pictures from above are also the first ones taken on one of our new Canon 5D MkII Subal housings, which is pretty exciting!  We're hoping to get out a lot more and add some new images to our collection.  As soon as we do we'll send an email out to everyone.

I think that we've mentioned this before, but we've gotten to work with Eddie Bauer a few times over the past few months on some photo shoots for different catalogs of theirs.  That has been a lot of fun, we got to learn a lot about shooting above the water with lights and models.  We got to learn from some pretty famous people that have years of experience and have shot some of the most famous people we have ever heard of, like Wayne Gretzky!

One of the photographers just recently called us up and invited us to work on the North Shore of Oahu to help out on a Men's Health Magazine shoot.  This time we even got to share some underwater experience with the master photographers because the piece was all about the North Shore lifeguards.  Those guys are pretty awesome too, amazing athletes.  In fact, one guy even played lacrosse in college and knew some of the guys Dan and I played with in school!  If you get the chance check the summer issues of Men's Health Magazine and look for the piece on the Lifeguards of the North Shore.

We also got to do another season of Whale Research with the Keiki Kohola Project, which is always a lot of fun.  This year we even helped and filled up the California State University Channel Islands art gallery, which led to us having some pieces in the local art community over there.  So I guess you could say that we're finally expanding to galleries off of Maui, with the help of the KKP group!

For the past few months we've been running into loads of our dive buddies from all over the world, which has been great.  About the only thing we miss from our time working with Lahaina Divers is having the opportunity to dive with all of the people we met over the years.  Which is beginning to make us think about doing some more dive trips.

So who wants to go on a dive trip?  We're even thinking about going somewhere in the Carribean as soon as this summer (August 8th-15th?).  Nothing crazy, maybe the Bahama's or Grand Cayman for some great diving and maybe some sharks.  Soon after that we're thinking about trips to the Socorro Islands off of Mexico and maybe Palau after that.  We think it's time for trips again, so if you're interested start sending emails and we'll start trying to nail something together!

Oh yeah, we also got to work on an awesome documentary with our friend Todd.  He had this great idea about Black Coral Diving, and with the help of his brothers he put together a great piece.  I'll write again with more details down the road when it officially get's released.  We got to help shoot and even do some recreations for the film which was a lot of fun.  Hopefully, we'll know more in a few months.

We'd also like to thank all of you who continue to have an interest in our work!  Without such loyal friends and collectors like you guys we wouldn't be able to continue to chase our ocean dreams.